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EZ Messenger Vendors -Detailing Attempt Notes
EZ Messenger Vendors -Detailing Attempt Notes

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Written by Meghan lemke
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A return of service is a key part of the legal process and will give a client or a judge a summary of what has occurred in a process server's effort to serve legal documents.

It is why it is essential that attempts notes are professional, after all, judges and clients will be reading them! Your attempt notes can reflect your person and how other view your work ethic, which is appreciated by the client and the court.

What should my attempt notes include?

Your attempt notes should be detailed, but only include information that is pertinent to the case. You should "paint a picture" so to speak about the property to help give the reader of your note a visual of what you saw.

What should I avoid putting in my attempt notes?

Attempt notes should not include personal opinions or assumptions about the recipient or any events that took place. You should avoid entering vague statements, statements about previous attempts, and statements regarding technical issues.

If you're still unsure what is acceptable and what is not, we've included some examples of both below:

Acceptable attempt notes

Attempt notes to avoid

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