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EZ Messenger Staff - Emergency Office Closures
EZ Messenger Staff - Emergency Office Closures

Information you may need in the event of an emergency closure of your office (or your department due to FAST outage).

Written by Meghan lemke
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Sometimes there may be reasons that your local office experiences an unscheduled closure and this article should help answer questions you have about those closures. While remote workers do not have an 'office' they may also experience closures based upon some of the issues as noted below.

What are some situations which may cause the office to close unexpectedly or go thru a partial shut-down?

  • Bad weather. We don't mean it rained a little. We mean the roads are iced over, there is a hurricane in the area, there is so much snow/ rain the roads are impassable without using a SHERP, boat, snowmobile, etc.

  • Fire or similar nearby issue. There is an issue in the area surrounding the office (wildfire, down power line, broken gas main, etc.) which makes going to the office hazardous to your health.

  • Building damage. If it is unsafe to work due to the building being in a state of disrepair (after a tornado, etc.).

  • Loss of essential services. Power is out, no internet, etc.

  • FAST is down. Sometimes FAST will experience technical difficulties that are not quickly resolvable resulting in it being inaccessible for a long stretch of time.

When your office closes your manager will notify you of your options for the day which may include:

  • An option to go in to the office if you feel comfortable driving in. Sometimes when weather is on its way in, but the extent of the weather is unknown, you will be given the option to go to the office (or stay for the whole day) if you feel safe doing so. This is 100% optional when you are given the choice. Only go in if you feel safe getting to/ from the office.

  • Working a partial day. For example if the power is out this morning but expected to be restored by 10am, the office may only be closed part of the day. Another example may be if FAST goes down for multiple hours and you cannot do any part of your job without it.

  • Staying home for the day. There is bad weather and it has been determined to be unsafe for staff to drive to/ from the office, court, etc. and the office has been closed for the day. During these days you will be told the office is closed for the day.

In each instance your manager will let you know your options for the day, when to expect to return to the office, and/ or how to expect to be notified that the office is open. Direct any questions specific to your office closure (such as when to go back to the office) to your local management as staff not working in your building may not have the answers you need.

Microsoft Teams is accessible outside of the office and you can 'stay tuned' by logging in for updates, or to reach out to management with questions.

During unexpected closure days staff is not paid for hours not worked. Staff who have banked PTO may use it during these times without getting the usual pre-approval. You MUST have available PTO to use it. PTO will not be advanced per the Employee Handbook.

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