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EZ Messenger Customers - COVID Whitelist
EZ Messenger Customers - COVID Whitelist

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Written by Meghan lemke
Updated over a week ago

EZ Messenger has enhanced it's Compassionate Service Engine(and Compassionate Service Policy) with an additional Whitelist Feature. The Whitelist feature allows you, the customer, to whitelist segments of your inventory while preventing service on other segments of your inventory. The whitelist ensures that no inventory makes it into the field that isn't explicitly ready for service.

Whitelist options:
1) You can whitelist specific jobs/reference numbers, this is the most granular way to manage your inventory
2) You can whitelist your Customer ID(s). By providing a list of your Customer(or Plaintiff) IDs we can allow inventory for those customers of yours to proceed into the field while restricting others.

3) You can whitelist an entire state

To speak with our Client Relations team to better understand the whitelist process or to update your whitelist you can us the chat bubble in the lower right portion of your screen.

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