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EZ Messenger Clients - COVID19 Billing
EZ Messenger Clients - COVID19 Billing

Modifications to Billing and Hold procedures in response to COVID19

Written by Meghan lemke
Updated over a week ago

COVID19, Coronavirus, is straining the court system and other systems supporting the legal network. As a process serving company we are directly engaged and impacted by these external forces. As such we are modifying our billing and hold procedures to ensure sustainability as a business and to continue providing best in class service to YOU. 

Traditionally we try to be very accommodating with you when it comes to HOLD requests and other things that may delay our billing. COVID19 is limiting our ability to be as accomodating as we would like, as such we are implementing the following polices on a short term basis. 

  1. Work Not Processed To Court or To Process Servers - you may cancel these orders at any time at your discretion, there is no change here. However, if you request that we proceed with filing or service we will do so and fees will be incurred if not cancelled prior to effort being exerted. Fees incurred will be the greater of the agreed on service fee if an attempt is subsequently made OR $25 if no attempt was made in the field but the case was placed with the court OR placed in the field with a process server. 

  2. Work Processed To Court or To Process Servers - you may cancel these orders at your discretion but a $25 fee will be charged for work done to date. If you elect to place the orders on hold in our system they will incur a service fee on the 11th day they are on hold if not released before that time. If cancelled between now and the 11th day they will incur a service fee. 

  3. Work Attempted By Process Servers - service fees have already been incurred and are billable on these orders. If you cancel the order now you will be billed the agreed service fee. If you decide to hold the order you will be billed on the 11th day after the hold unless it is removed from hold before that time. 

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