The purpose of the Security Plan is to provide a comprehensive description of EZ Messenger’s plan for developing and delivering the means for protecting client Data, Documents, EZ Messenger unit and employees, and EZ Messenger’s software and hardware. EZ Messenger holds the responsibility to ensure that every form of client Data (hardcopy, electronic or other media) is retained, protected, and eligible for destruction per our guidelines. 

EZ Messenger will receive confidential data which must be protected through preventing, detecting, and responding to computer security incidents.
The Section 9 Internal Security Incident Response provides EZ Messenger with the basic procedures to identify, contain, investigate, remediate, and report a breach of electronic security with the understanding that the procedures will be general and flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each data security incident.
In addition, this Plan is to ensure that documents are, when necessary, promptly provided to authorities in the course of a legal investigation or lawsuit.

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