EZ Messenger Vendors - Relationship Manager

What is a VRM, my Relationship Manager, my person, I need help

Written by Meghan lemke
Updated over a week ago

VRM stands for Vendor Relationship Manager.
What does this mean for you? A VRM is your all around personal guide to the ins and outs of serving for EZ Messenger. 

How do I know who my VRM is?

From time to time your VRM sends introductory messages and you will receive surveys on their performance BUT in real time they will be responding to your help requests via chat, the person that responds to you most frequently is your VRM.

How can I contact my VRM?

What are the key things my Relationship Manager can help me with:

  • Help you become an expert in using our application

  • Help you with understanding customer requirements or expectations

  • Advocate on your behalf when there are disagreements or disputes

  • Coach you during difficult situations or serves

  • General market intelligence

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