An EZ Knock Standard Service Order includes the following:

 Diligent effort to serve the servee, typically meaning a minimum of 4 attempts, unless the address attempted is found to be vacant. If the address is found to be vacant, a diligence report will be provided outlining the observations of the process server(seller).

  • Photos with GPS and date/time stamps will be made available with each attempt or successful service

  • Attempts will be made by a qualified process server

  • Attempts will be made during different times of day on different days of the week

  • Attempts will be begin on or before the date you specify and will end on or before the date you specify

  • A state sufficient affidavit (proof of service) will be made available to you via PDF format. If a notary is required, one will be provided. Otherwise, all proofs of service will contain a perjury statement.

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