Lauch Date: 12/10/2017

Last Update: 7/8/2020

Author Name: Gerri Gentilquore

Author Title: Director of Compliance

Version: 2.2


Compassionate service will define situations when service may be legal but EZ Messenger will not proceed with service for moral, ethical, or other reasons.


All employees and process servers of EZ Messenger are required to adhere to this policy. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in disciplinary action per EZ Messenger’s Employee and Process Server manual.

Escalation Point of Contact

Director of Compliance


This Compassionate Service Policy will prohibit service of process (attempts) under the following scenarios:

A. Weather/ Catastrophe. This includes man made events as well as acts of nature.

B. Health. EZM will refrain from attempts on an individual potentially unfit for understanding or processing the implications of the legal delivery of their documents. This will include service at hospitals, nursing homes, or other care facilities.

C. Holidays. EZM will refrain from attempts on an individual during the following holidays:

C.a. New Year’s Day

C.b. Memorial Day

C.c. Independence Day

C.d. Labor Day

C.e. Thanksgiving

C.f. Friday after Thanksgiving

C.g. Christmas Eve

C.h. Christmas Day

D. Additional holidays specific to the state of Minnesota per MN Stat. 645.44 (2017):

D.a. Christopher Columbus Day

D.b. Martin Luther King’s Birthday

D.c. President’s Day

D.d. Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday

D.e. Veteran’s Day

E. Dangerous address. If a danger presents itself (violence/ threats) EZM will not proceed with attempts and will recommend service by constable/ sheriff.

Exceptions and Exclusions

A. Vendor Support should be notified if you pre-arrange a meeting with a servee on these day(s).

B. TXOAG is excluded from this policy in its entirety. Ref: CC SOPX-1600665-2018-0039-0001_Ticket #24415.

C. EZ Knock is excluded from this policy in its entirety.


EZ Messenger will produce testing documents for this policy. All employees and process servers responsible for this Policy will be tested with continued testing scheduled no less than semi-annually.

References and Resources

EZ Messenger’s Employee Manual

Process Server Manual

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