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Erin’s List - Presentation to the Texas JBCC
Erin’s List - Presentation to the Texas JBCC

Presentation to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission in Texas

Written by Meghan lemke
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Erin’s List Presentation to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC)

Texas Certification Program learns about and wants to help Erin's List

Erin’s List spokesman Eric Johnson presented Erin’s List to the JBCC on May 4th, 2018 in Austin, TX.  During public comment of the scheduled meeting Eric relayed the creation and purpose of our non-profit foundation.He talked about the need to grow and the importance of participation to become a widely used resource in our profession.Additional emphasis was put on a process server preparing for their assignments which included developing the habit of including safety awareness. 

Further discussion provided a unique opportunity to share the growing challenges a process server faces while trying to complete delivery of a legal notice.The JBCC Chairman Judge Lee Hamilton thanked Eric for providing further insight on the increasing number of threatening occurrences process servers encounter while being obligated to protect due process for litigants. 

Jeff Rinard, Director of the JBCC, approached Eric after the presentation.He expressed his thanks for the creation and existence of Erin’s List and offered to assist in any way possible.Providing further exposure to Erin’s List through the JBCC helps solidify the industry participation needed to effectively achieve its goal.

Erin's List is applying for CE credits in Texas

JBCC CE credit approval is being sought after for those that participate!

Erin's List is designing a course promoting awareness of the need for process server safety and how to use this potentially life saving resource.  We will be submitting to the Judicial Branch Certification Committee for approval of CE credits.  

As usual there will be no fee!  Participation with a wide user base is key to our success.

Additional information will follow.  

Please share with a fellow process server and revisit our help center at to view all the articles which are growing daily!

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