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Erin's List - 36th Annual NAPPS Conference
Erin's List - 36th Annual NAPPS Conference

Presentation at 36th Annual NAPPS Conference

Written by Meghan lemke
Updated over a week ago

Erin's List Presented at 36th Annual NAPPS Conference

36th Annual NAPPS Conference provided further exposure.

Former Spokesman for Erin’s List, Eric Johnson was invited to the 36th Annual NAPPS Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, April 19th – 21st. This provided another opportunity for advancing Erin’s List into becoming the profession-wide resource vital to process server safety.

Eric relayed the mission and purpose for Erin’s List speaking to the general assembly. Sharing the tragic loss of Erin McCleskey while serving process and causing additional focus on the inadequate measures to protect servers resonated with those in attendance. Everyone agreed Erin’s List had its place in our profession and wanted to learn how to utilize.

Participation in Erin’s List is key to becoming a reliable resource to identify addresses of threatening events reported. Process Server software providers were well represented at the conference. Each committed to incorporate Erin’s List with custom features using our API currently available. Our friends at Serve Now, the first software provider to utilize and launch a campaign promoting Erin’s List, were present and continued to show their support. 

Eric shared the direction of Erin’s List reaching out to talented professionals in our industry looking for involvement to help steer with emphasis on promotion and growth. Opportunities to serve both on the board and committees exist.

NAPPS Administrator Gary Crowe offered full support of Erin’s List. He recognized its importance and will continue to support including additional marketing opportunities. Erin’s List appreciates Mr. Crowe and all the NAPPS board for the gracious welcome and opportunity to attend. Also, worthy to note was the kindred spirit and support offered by each member attending.

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