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Erin's List - Welcome

Welcome to Erin's List, Getting Started

Written by Meghan lemke
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Welcome to Erin's List

Welcome, browsing, viewing, searching

Welcome to Erin's List!  Thanks for looking around and please let me know if I can help you become a free member.

Access to Erin's List Options

Erin's List usage, address search, reporting dangerous address, web access, API, IT interface

Ease of access to Erin's List is important to promote usage and change the habits most servers utilize to prepare for assignments.  Quickly providing search results with the ability to adjust the proximity of nearby addresses will not slow you down.  It will help identify a potentially dangerous address that could save your life or the lives of servers working for you.  

By becoming a member, the friendly search and reporting features are available to use.  With API's, process serving companies and clients can integrate with their processes to help make informed decisions on approaching these files.

Support Erin's List

How you can support Erin's List to assist Process Servers

Erin’s List is a free service. The development and marketing of the service has been donated entirely and the goals to continue supporting the service and offering upgrades at no cost to you.We have setup a donation option so you can not only make donations to support the future of Erin’s List but also setup a fund that can be used to assist Process Servers that have encountered a dangerous situation.

Click on the red button, and then The red button titled DONATE NOW:

Help Erin's List Grow!

Help get the word out, tell a process server, share your experience on Erin's List

Help us get the word out to all process servers.   Erin's List is a no cost membership where success is hinged on participation.  Please make sure those you work with and care about are aware of this life saving resource!


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