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Erin's List - Getting Started
Erin's List - Getting Started

How to Get Started and Help Center on Erin's List

Written by Meghan lemke
Updated over a week ago

How to get started!

Learn how to use the web page features.

To use the search and report features directly on the web page you would need to become a member first.  You merely follow the prompts provided.  If you utilize a process server software provider be sure and contact them to learn if they are an Erin's List partner.  If you find they have not finished the process, please encourage them so you can interact with Erin's List through your normal processes.

Help Center

Help Center information to assist with any questions to get started and guide you

Erin's List has a Help Center to aid with any questions.  A live chat feature exists by locating the icon in the lower right corner.  By selecting you can ask a specific question or search for topics to locate related articles.  

Please visit to learn more.  

Hoping to add articles frequently to assist with Erin's List members.  Please let me know if you have a particular topic of interest!

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