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Difficult Assignments and Personal Safety

Written by Meghan lemke
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Difficult Assignments and Personal Safety

Subject evading, no trespassing notices, locked gates prevent entrance.

Many challenges can exist with assignments where it is important to rely on your training, knowledge of current laws, understanding what options exist for proper delivery and keeping a cool head.

It's not uncommon to take on  an assignment where the individual is evading delivery or perhaps the address does not allow access with notices posted.  

It's possible you will receive good information with the assignment but just as likely you will learn most of the challenges by observations at the location.  Before you go to the address search for it on Erin's List.  Go over any instruction provided and ask your client if any questions.

Depending on the state or court where filed or perhaps the type of documents there may be options for delivery that could include posting or subserving.  

Know the criminal laws in your area to observe and avoid hardships that come with breaking them.  Be watchful for notices relating to trespassing and observing thresholds. 

If a stake out is needed to complete the assignment, informing the local law enforcement office in advance is a good practice.

Consider utilizing a video and audio recording device to help capture your efforts.  It's extremely important to understand and follow any laws or privacy concerns before using this.

Stay professional, courteous and calm.  Rely on your training.

Be safe on your job so you can go home to your loved ones!

Personal Safety Course

Promoting personal safety by creating and offering a course

Erin's List is built on the premise of personal safety while serving civil process. Another way to promote this is by offering a course with this focus in mind.

Topics supporting this effort could include tools and best practices to prepare, relying on your training, being aware of your surroundings, observing important details before approaching a door,  respectful and courteous interactions, body language and deescalation suggestions.   

Our industry has a wealth of experience.  Erin's List wants to bring that experience to the surface to benefit everyone.  

Stay tuned for more!

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