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Erin's List - Results in My Area

How do I find results in my area?

Written by Meghan lemke
Updated over a week ago

Why do I not find results in my area?

Explaining how usage grows the data base

The focus of Erin's List is to record actual threatening events that occurred while a process server attempts their assignments.  Because Erin's List is relatively new and still growing in participation at first there may seem like no records are being found in your area.  

The encouraging part of this is that no events have been recorded for the area searched at this time.   However, with consistent usage the data base will grow resulting in more addresses identified.

No other platform exists that is dedicated to the safety of process servers.  It is important to understand the value you provide by using Erin's List.  Not only are you helping to provide safety to your fellow process servers but also to build a product that is desirable to other players in our industry, helping to sustain Erin's List and remain at no cost to it's users. 

Please stay active in using and promoting Erin's List!

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