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Erin's List - Enter and Search Incidents
Erin's List - Enter and Search Incidents

How to Enter and Search Dangerous Incidents on Erin's List

Written by Meghan lemke
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Enter an incident and Search on Erin's List

How to enter an address where an incident has occurred.

Enter the address where incident occurred and click the Green Button.

There are currently no incidents at this address.   Click the + sign to add the incident for this address.

Enter the incident by giving a thorough description of what happened.
Click the Submit Incident button.

The following screen will appear with a confirmation that the incident was successfully submitted:

Verify that the information was entered by reentering the address and clicking the green button: 

You will see your comments:

How to Search on Erin's List

Instructions on how to search an address

After logging into Erin's List, you will see an interactive map, and a field to enter in the address.

Click on the green button with the magnifying glass to the right of the address field and the next screen will appear.

Red Highlighted Circle, shows your search area.
Red Marker, shows anywhere an incident has been reported.
Blue Dot in the center of the Red Highlighted Circle, is the location of address searched.

What do the results mean for you?

An incident was returned for 12316 Fay Street, Austin, TX with details of a dog incident in June of 2016.
You are now aware, and can make a judgement call on checking with this neighbor.
Without someone taking the time to report such incident, you could have walked into the same situation as Erin did on June 15, 2016.

This program is only as USEFUL as we MAKE it.

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